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International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

SARSO with the objective to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with the relevant international organization established cooperation agreement with International Standardization Organization.

The SARSO and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) signed Cooperation Agreement on 8 May 2016 to strengthen the cooperation between ISO and its Members in the South Asian Region and to support the practical realization of the objectives set for the mutual benefit of ISO, SARSO and the South Asian Countries. The ISO Council recognized SARSO as the Regional Standards Organization for the South Asian region as per the Council Resolution 24/2015.

This cooperation has also provision for SARSO to have full access to the text of ISO Standards to facilitate discussion, technical review and the adoption of ISO Standards as SAARC Standards. SARSO will also have access to working documents and reports for CASCO, COPOLCO, DEVCO and REMCO through this cooperation. In addition to this, SARSO will also encourage its Member States to contribute to studies on the economic and social benefits of standardization; capacity building of standardization and conformity assessment infrastructures and technical assistance and education and training programmes related to standardization and conformity assessment. Similarly, this cooperation Agreement has made provision for ISO to get access resolutions of the Governing Board and the Technical management Board of SARSO related to standardization and conformity assessment activities and the SARSO action plan.