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STC-1: Food and Agricultural Products

Chairperson: Professor Rakesh Kumar Trivedi Head, Department of Chemical Technology - Oil technology Harcourt Butler

STC-2: Jute, Textile and Leather

Chairperson: Professor Swapan Kumar Ghosh Professor and Head, Department of Jute and Fibre Technology Institute

STC-3: Building Materials

Chairperson: Mr. Sunanada Fernando Director (Engineering  Standards) Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), Sri Lanka. SARSO

STC-4: Electrical, Electronics, Telecom and IT

Chairperson: Dr. Gulzar Ahmed Memon Institutional and Capacity Development Expert M/S Techno Consult International 47-E/II

STC-5: Chemical and Chemical Products

Chairperson: Mr. Muhammad Zaheer Senior Head of Research and Development, Home and Personal Care Business

STC-6: Conformity Assessment

The STC on Conformity Assessment was established by First meeting of the Technical Management Board